PaperGirls_Vol02-1After readingĀ  The Fallen Children I needed a pallet cleanser. What better than the second volume of Paper Girls?

I think I enjoyed this graphic novel even more than the first. It still maintained all it’s strangeness while expanding on things that it introduced hastily in the first volume and answering many questions you were left with while still introducing enough new questions to keep the plot lively and making you want to read more.

The first one ended with the girls being sent to the future and getting separated while being chased by futuristic beings who policed the timeline. This one follows them through this tough period as they try to find a way to get back to the time before the strangeness of All Saint’s Day.

The novel expresses so much in its use of colour and has really given me a greater appreciation for the genre. Although I’m still finding it dubious to count them towards reading goals because I can knock off 150 in about an hour, it’s still a nice way to change up your reading and give your brain a refresh.


I rated this book a 5 out of 5. It is a stunning book with an excellent story. As I understand it the third volume is coming out soon so I’m looking forward to continuing on in the adventure.

Please give me some more rec for graphic novels! I’ve really been enjoying this experience and would love to read more.


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