240px-Cover_Moving_Pictures.jpgI always bring a Partchett book with me when I’m traveling since I’ve started reading this series. They are always light hearted, jovial, and easy to read and Moving Pictures is no exception.

Moving Pictures starts off a new sub-series, The Industrial Revolution, which I have decided to put all my misgivings about the novel onto the world building side of the start of a new series. I did, however, enjoy the majority of the book. It is probably the longest thus far in the series, which is also a part were I found that it struggled as a book because it had more room to drag in the middle.

It follows a whole, very large, cast of characters, which may be another part of the problem with the novel the sheer number of characters, who are involved in the discovering of moving pictures and their creation. This discovery, of course, came about because something was wrong in Discworld and magic was behaving badly and giving people inspiration. This also makes the novel a bit weird because there really isn’t something that’s a bad until close to the end.


Aside from the nice group of new characters that we get to see, many of our old favourites from the other books also made short appearances, one of my favourite elements of the series as a whole.

Also, there are talking dogs. A big winner in my book.

I rated this book a 8 out of 10. Although I really enjoyed reading the book the middle was a bit slow when you were waiting for things to happen and there were too many characters to keep track of at some points which made the action slow down a bit. Overall a very enjoyable book though. If you’re a fan of discworld you’ll be a fan of this novel too.


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