25904473I was really apprehensive about this book going into it. It is a collection of personal essays by Melissa Broder based on her life experiences. In it she covers a wide range of topics from her struggles with depression and anxiety to sexuality and her vomit fetish.

All the essays are highly relatable and written in a witty fashion, even when covering tougher topics like eating disorders. These essays seem much more personal than others that I have read recently, like Notes By A Feminist Killjoy. They are deeply revealing  and allow the reader to feel as though they know the author like they would know their best friend.

My personal favourite was “Help Me Not Be A Human Being.” In this section she talks about love and relationship and lists titles for love stories that will make you laugh and remind you of your own past relationships. It was the most fun essay to read.


I rated this book a 5 out of 10. It wasn’t really my cup of tea and not something that I’ll probably read again, but it wasn’t unenjoyable. I always find it hard to write about books that I’ve read for bookclub before I’ve actually gone because sometimes our discussions can change my mind a little bit. This again being a book that wasn’t my choice and not something that I would have picked up myself sometimes makes me worry that I’m a little biased in my opinions, but that’s where we are.


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