Gabaldon-Voyager-220x332My friend Gillian has been bugging me to get reading in the Outlander series since I introduced her to it several months ago. After a month straight of being told I need to read Voyager I picked it up. She told me some things about the book, mainly the time jump and how it felt different, but I was still mostly going into it blind.

It was not what I expected. (there are some spoilers below so if you haven’t read the this novel stop reading now)

When I read the title I figured that Claire would be going back to the past and that would be the great voyage. The story picks up from the future part of Dragonfly in Amber, which was the part that I disliked the most out of that novel. Despite my trepidation about continuing on in this time period, I did really enjoy that part of Voyager and ended up missing it later on.

Unlike what I thought at first, the voyage part of the book refers to a sea voyage that happens in the past. I found this delightful as period sea pieces are my favourite (though I do preferĀ a good pirate to just jaunting around). It really made me want to read Master and Commander (so that will probably move up the tbr pile a bit and I’ll have to borrow it from my brother).


This book took a lot of twists and turns. Every time you thought that things were working out and that they were going to be okay, a new twist appears; whether it be old lovers or old friends. I found that I started to miss Brianna a lot during the past parts of the novels and would have liked to have known what her and Roger got up to in Claire’s absence. I have been rather excitedly guaranteed that she does come back, so if you’re as much of a fan of her as I am, this should be welcome news.

I rated this book an 8 out of 10. It was a lot of fun, but still doesn’t quite meet the high bar that was set with Outlander. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series in the coming months to find out what happens next.


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