pandp-modern-library-ed1w200As you may know because you’ve been reading my other reviews, Pride and Prejudice was suppose to be the book for book club last month but book club was cancelled so it got moved to this month. In May I decided that it would be a lovely idea to read a different Austen instead and chose to read Persuasion which I didn’t really enjoy. This made me dread starting Pride and Prejudice.

I didn’t totally hate the novel. It was far easier to read than the other books that I have read by Austen, a fact that I have attributed to the fact that the story is much more well known than the others. Though I didn’t really dislike the novel, I still don’t see its appeal. The characters seemed a little bland and stiff. The plot wasn’t all the riveting, a will-they-wont-they situation. The major scandal in the novel didn’t really seem that bad as the Bennet’s didn’t really have high social standing anyways.


I don’t know. Maybe Austen just isn’t for me. I found it hard to get through and the writing dense in a bad way. A lot of the descriptions weren’t that great and the dialogue often taxing.

I rate this book a 5 out of 10. Didn’t hate it, didn’t really like it. I fully expect a firestorm for this.


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